Terrell Hills Municipal Complex- A New Beginning For A Historic Neighborhood.


On Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 the newly renovated and expanded City of Terrell Hills Municipal Complex was dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The project team included G.W. Mitchell Construction as General Contractor, Robert Hanley as the owner representative/project consultant, and was based on the innovative design of O’neill, Conrad, Oppelt (OCO) Architects and John Grable.

In 1919, Dr. Fredrick Terrell sold a 22.5 acre tract of Terrell Farm to a group of San Antonio businessmen, who formed the Terrell Hills Community. This group, led by Dr. Terrell, established basic services in the area such as electricity, water main and gas lines. Over the next 20 years, Terrell Hills was incorporated as a town and elected its first mayor in 1939. The City was established in 1957 and with it, a 1920’s building that had served as a firehouse was purchased to become City Hall. Fast forwarding to today, Terrell Hills is a flourishing community that is home to over 5,000 residents in about 1900 households.

With only one previous renovation to City Hall over 50 years ago, there was an ever growing need for an updated facility and additional space for the staff. In August of 2011, plans were finalized and construction began to take place on the renovation of the 5,200 square foot existing complex and the addition of approximately 10,000 square feet. The project consisted of remodeling the existing Municipal Building and Fire Department into the new Police Department and Fire Personnel Sleeping Quarters, as well as constructing a new Fire Department Building, City Council Chambers and Municipal Offices. The design of the new facility was in keeping with the architecture of the original structure, which still stands at the front of the complex. Not only did this expansion and renovation bring physical improvements to City Hall but it allowed for greatly needed technological enhancements as well as several energy efficient features. Despite many difficulties with the renovation of the original structure, Mitchell and the rest of the project team were able to complete the facility under budget. This new City Hall Complex for Terrell Hills will prominently stand and continue to serve its citizens for well over another 50 years.