Health by Design – Inspiring a Passion for Life

To show our appreciation for our local healthcare professionals, this Flashback Friday is showcasing one of our medical clients, Health by Design (HBD). HBD’s mission is to integrate faith and medicine, inspiring a passion for life with health and hope for the glory of God.

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The Health by Design story began in 1979 when founder, Dr. David Player, formed a practice that treated patients with kidney failure. With the rise in obesity and the risk for disease, Dr. Player soon expanded the practice into the adult weight loss arena. The company continued to advance by bringing the right people at the right time, including Dr. James Ogletree, to continue its mission and grow the company. In 2005, because of a clear need for “business” acumen, HBD invited Barney Randol to join as a third partner through the formation of a new entity, Health by Design Management, LLP. For the first time, the doctors felt free to be doctors, without the added task of also running the business.

Since then, Health By Design has experienced increased demand, expanded services, and has built several onsite clinics, continuously offering new models of care. Last year, Health by Design revised its mission to: “inspire passion for life with health & hope for the glory of God.” From concierge care to health and nutritional coaching, HBD ensures each patient receives accessible care for their body, mind, and spirit.

G. W. Mitchell Construction’s strong and ongoing relationship with Health By Design began in 2015 when Team Mitchell and RVK Architects began assisting HBD in the development and construction of four clinics in the San Antonio area: The Paesano Parkway Clinic (completed in 2015), the City Base Clinic (completed in 2017), the Valero Family Wellness Clinic (completed in 2017) and a new clinic on Tezel Road (completed in June, 2020). All locations are state-of-the-art medical facilities that provide patient-centered care that treats mind, body and spirit. Since faith is also the cornerstone of the Mitchell family, we considered it a privilege to help bring life to HBD’s vision, knowing that each patient who steps through the doors will be shown the love of Christ and will receive top-quality care.

Since its beginning, Health by Design has clearly watched the hands of God at play. HBD is the place that clients, patients, and employees experience joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, and self-control. In every life they touch, they seek to produce a healthy body, sound mind, and hope-filled spirit that inspires patients to live a healthier, more rewarding life. G. W. Mitchell Construction is honored to be part of Health by Design’s special story.