Alamo Cement Quarry: A San Antonio Landmark Past and Present


A true Texas landmark, now a premiere destination for shopping, dining and entertainment, the Alamo Quarry was once home to the Alamo Cement Plant owned by San Antonio Portland Cement Company who helped build Texas for more than 100 years. In construction of the Texas state Capitol and the Driskill Hotel, as well as many other buildings in the state, cement from this plant was used. Originally known as “Cementville”, in 1940 the San Antonio Portland Cement Company commissioned G.W. Mitchell Contractors to build the cement silos for the plant for $34,968. This project sparked a nearly 40 year relationship between San Antonio Portland Cement Co. and G.W. Mitchell Construction. From 1954 through 1977 consecutively, Mitchell, with the assistance of Willard E. Simpson Company engineers, worked on countless construction projects in both building and renovating most of the plant’s facilities including the clinker shed, conveyer system, power plants and power house, mills, rock crusher, bulk loader and pallet warehouse. With the exception of the smoke stacks, the majority of the cement plant was built and maintained by G.W. Mitchell over those 37 years.

In the 1980s, the cement company moved to a location north of the city, leaving behind the plant and selling the land to developers. When it came time to redesign the area, architects and engineers incorporated many of original structures into the new layout. The Cementville Headquarters are now restaurants; the old plant, clinker shed and smokestacks have become the Quarry Market; and the rock pit is now the Quarry Golf Course. Today, the Alamo Quarry is a perfect mixture of historical and contemporary architecture.

Text with Alamo Cement Quarry 2 picture: G.W. Mitchell Contractor’s “Alamo Cement Crew”: Superintendent Louis Ham (far right) and his iron workers

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