Alamo Heights High School: Here’s to Our Blue and Gold


In honor of the motto, “school’s out for summer”, let’s take a trip down memory lane to one of the oldest school districts in San Antonio, Alamo Heights Independent School District, and G.W. Mitchell’s construction project of Alamo Heights High School.

Alamo Heights ISD can trace their history back to 1909 where a two-room wooden frame building on Townsend Avenue was built as the first school. In 1912, a new school building of masonry was constructed on the site that is now Cambridge Elementary School. In 1923, just one year after a high school building was added to the growing campus, the Alamo Heights system became an independent school district of 300 students. While the hub of activity for Alamo Heights students centered at Cambridge, the district expanded into the neighboring community at the former cement plant near Jones-Maltsberger Road, called “Cementville.”

In 1937, a 21-acre tract of land at Broadway and E. Castano was purchased with plans for a new high school to be erected on that land and in 1938, the present football stadium was built on the new grounds. To meet the growth demands of the school district following World War II, design for the new high school was made by Bartlett Cocke Associates and G.W. Mitchell Construction was hired to build the school for $836,587 (which would be valued today at over $12 million). Construction began in 1949 and a little over a year later, the building was completed and welcomed its first class of high school students in the fall of 1950.

Today, the original school building continues to serve as the academic home to over 1500 students and 115 faculty. The school’s motto, “Here’s to our Blue and Gold, Long May it Wave, Over our Dear Old School, Colors Never Fade”, rings true to the workmanship and sustainability of Mitchell’s construction of Alamo Heights High School over 63 years ago.

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