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Bill’s Blueprint

Hello, Mitchell in Motion Readers,

I must say, 2018 has started with a bang! We have settled into our new space and couldn’t be happier with the new location. I’d like to thank the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce for helping us celebrate our new space and partnership with VIP Staffing and Peloton Commercial Real Estate during a ribbon cutting on January 18th.

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This year is going to be one full of productivity, growth, lots of exciting projects, and many happy clients. 2018 is set to be one of the best ever for G.W. Mitchell, and we couldn’t be more excited for what this new year will bring. Check out our new space here!

Bill Mitchell

Breaking Ground in South Texas

On January 18, we ceremoniously broke ground on the Rio Bank headquarters project in McAllen, TX. The 9.5-acre site will house a six-story Class A office building designed by RVK Architects, Alpha Consulting Engineers, DBR Engineering Consultants, and Spoor Engineering Consultants. The building will include more than 125,000 square feet of corporate office space with Rio Bank occupying the majority and the remaining space will be for lease by Peloton Commercial Real Estate


GW Mitchell’s Sr. Project Manager, Angela Hines, and Superintendent Gregg Dutra attended the groundbreaking celebration.  The building will consist of an auger cast piled foundation, structural steel frame, brick and EIFS façade, standing seam metal roofing with areas of flat roofing, four elevators, outdoor courtyard space, surface parking, and high-end lobby and core finishes.


Community Conscious

Volunteerism is a main priority at GWM and we’ve been up to great things.  Check out what our amazing team members have been up to over the holidays.

Lane Mitchell was part of the Volunteer Choir for Barbara Dan Butt’s funeral in December and participated in the Feast of Sharing with the Rotary Club. He also hosted an Aggie watch party with the San Antonio A&M Club at the Palladium. Gig ‘em!

Preston Hill has been busy as well. He and his wife, Stephanie, are Young Life leaders at the Trinity University. They regularly mentor on campus as well as hold Bible Studies regularly. Not only have they been busy volunteering, they welcomed a baby boy, Chambers Bailey Hill, on January 6th. While school was out of session, Preston also helped out at Daily Bread Ministries packing snacks for low-income students. He didn’t stop there. He along with his brothers also played Christmas music for inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution in Three Rivers during the holidays.


Superintendent, Jesse Soto, made volunteering for the Children’s Shelter before Christmas a family affair. They requested help moving Christmas presents down from their 2nd story storeroom as they have no elevator. Jesse along with his two brothers, Andy and Willie, and his daughter, Aniya, showed up ready to work and got everything downstairs so they could prepare for the holiday.

Angela Hines’ NAWIC “Block Kids” was a huge success, with approximately 30 kids that participated in the event. The kids put their creativity into action and had some impressive projects built entirely from Legos. The winner’s projects ranged from the winning homeless shelter to a church-restaurant and a dream home.

Lance Long plans to volunteer at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!


Construction Zone:

Demo has started on our special project, PIE Society, located on Houston Street next to The Palm across from The Majestic Theater. Due to this historical nature of the building, architect, m(ødm), turned to our Special Projects Division which focuses on clients and projects needing special attention such as adaptive reuse, historical renovation, upgrades or renovations of an existing facility, or tenant improvement work in new or existing buildings.


Special concerns of this project include maintaining the building’s historical significance and charm and the issues that arise due to being flanked on both sides by upscale restaurants in a high traffic area. Minimizing disruption to those businesses during construction is a major factor in the planning of GWM’s special construction efforts.  As is with most older buildings located in historic downtown San Antonio, a primary concern will be bringing systems up to current codes, ensuring that the building systems meet the standards of Grey Street Partners for future operations of the building.

The space will be split into two functions, pizza kitchen and bar, which work together conceptually through material and form.  The pizza-kitchen will be visually open and well-lit using lighter material colors, as the experience of “making pizza” is transparent and expressed to all patrons. The bar will have a more subdued presence with darker colors, wood accents, and an undulating ceiling.

Construction is slated to begin soon.

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Staff Showcase

G.W. Mitchell wants to congratulate Preston Hill and his wife, Stephanie, for welcoming a baby boy, Chambers Bailey Hill, on January 6, 2018!

Congratulations to the following employees for celebrating multiple years as part of our team. GWM is proud to have you as a member of the GWM family.

  • Angela Hines – 3 years on February 9
  • Patrick Southern – 10 years on March 3
  • Kevin Beadle – 2 years on March 7

  • Sarah Soto – 3 years on March 16
  • Pablo Balderas – 4 years on March 24
  • Jessica White – 3 years on March 30

Wishing a very happy birthday to:

  • Luciano Hernandez – on January 7
  • Lance Long – on January 7
  • Lee Trevino – February 7

  • Daniel Garcia – February 27
  • Ariel de Luna – March 10
  • Jesse Soto – on March 31

Jessie-HeadshotLastly, congratulations to Jesse Soto, our January Employee of the Month. Considered a tremendous asset to GWM, Jesse consistently demonstrates a high quality of work and commitment in carrying out responsibilities.  He has demonstrated a willingness to take initiative beyond regular project assignments and has exhibited a positive and supportive attitude. Thank you, Jesse, for all you do!


Coco’s Corner
Happy New Year everyone. I hope that your year is off to a great start and you’re tackling those new year’s resolutions and succeeding. If not, no worries, Coco to the rescue. Here’s some advice to keep you on track to meet and potentially exceed your goals.

  1. Set realistic goals – there is no sense in setting goals that aren’t realistic. When you don’t meet them then you feel like a failure. Set a goal that is obtainable and not too far-fetched, that way you actually have a chance at reaching your goals. Who knows you might even exceed them and surprise yourself
  2. Have a plan – rarely do people succeed at things without a plan. Clearly map out how you will achieve your goals so you have a clear picture of what it will take to succeed. Make a daily checklist and mark tasks off regularly. This will allow you to see your progress and assess how well you’re doing, and adjust as necessary.
  3. Don’t get discouraged – creating change takes time and falling short happens. Just pick yourself back up, regroup and remember each new dawn brings a new day. Remember, it only takes two weeks to create a routine, and routines become habits, which is what you are trying to achieve.

Good luck!


Mitchell In Motion Quarterly – October

Bill’s Blueprint

5. Alamo Quarry 1Hello All,

Welcome to Mitchell in Motion our new quarterly newsletter that covers all things G.W. Mitchell. There has been a lot of change taking place at GWM in the last few months mainly our big move. After six decades of residing in the Mirano Building, at 2002 N. St. Mary’s Street, we are excited to announce that we are moving on up (literally) to bigger and better things. Very soon we will be relocating to our newly renovated offices in the 86TEN Building located at 8610 Broadway, Suite 310. We are thrilled about the move and can’t wait to see what amazing new opportunities this new chapter will bring. While we will certainly miss the Mirano Building, the memories of the fantastic projects that were developed, and the many great people who worked there over the years will be etched in our history forever. As we close one chapter and embark on another in this new office, I want all of you to remember that although there may be a lot of change coming our way, a few things will always remain constant at GWM, our commitment to client satisfaction, completing projects on–time and in-budget.

Bill Mitchell

G.W. Mitchell Makes a Move

On December 1, G.W. Mitchell is making its first move in over 60 years to newly renovated office space at 410 and Broadway. We have had only three locations in the past 95 years so this move will be our fourth and biggest yet. We have been in the Mirano Building diligently building your construction projects for 62 years, the Builders Exchange Building before that for 30 years, and our first office was in G.W.’s home office for a mere four years. So, as you can see, it’s a pretty big deal!

What also makes this move so exciting is that the building we are moving to was actually built for a developer by G.W. Mitchell Construction back in 1983 and was Lane Mitchell’s very first project as a GWM project manager.

The 86TEN building is owned by several partners including the current tenant occupied partners, as well as an equity partner out of Austin and our friends at Peloton Real Estate. We are investing in this partnership so that we will not only be tenants of the new building, but part-owners.

In addition to upgrading our technology and boosting morale by occupying newly renovated offices, the move will allow us to strategically position our project teams and support personnel in their own working spaces, allowing for future expansion.

We, in a way, have come full circle in this new office and the move, and we can’t wait to start developing this new chapter with YOU – our team, partners, clients, subs, architects, and engineers. Wanna see the new digs? Be on the lookout for an open house sometime after the first of the year.


Community Conscious

At GWM, we believe that engaging in community service provides people with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large to the people who need it most. From rebuilding historic neighborhoods and helping non-profits renovate, to volunteering for a local charity, GWM believes in giving back. Each quarter we will showcase of few of our employees doing great things locally.




On October 21, Superintendent Mark Balencia and his brothers took a group of 150 Wounded Warriors to Extreme Dove Hunts Negland Farms outside of Lytle, TX for a day full of dove hunting, skeet shooting, fishing, and relaxing outdoors. This is the fifth year Mark has been involved in this annual event.



Angela Hines, one of our Senior Project Managers, is Co-Chair of the National Association Women in Construction’s (NAWIC) Block Kids event at Madison Elementary on December 1, 2017. Block Kids is a National building competition that is sponsored on the local level by NAWIC. This award-winning program introduces 4th and 5th grade children to the construction industry in an effort to create awareness and promote careers in the industry. Each child will be given the same materials – Legos, a rock, string, foil and no tape or scissors – with instructions to create whatever they want related to construction in 30 mins.
The participating children will then answer some questions about their creation from the NAWIC judges who will judge their creations and give awards and goody bags. Local winners advance to regional competitions with one semifinalist from each region being entered in the national program competitions where the top three creations will be awarded.


Port ADirector of Business Development, Erin Mitchell Clementson and her husband have been volunteering through their church to help with clean up, demolition and rebuilding efforts in Port Aransas after Hurricane Harvey. They have already made one successful trip since the hurricane and have plans for several more trips this fall.



Construction Zone

Faith is one of the cornerstones of our company’s foundation, so we take great pride in our faith-based projects. Recently, we have had the honor to be involved with two local churches, Zion Lutheran and Christ Episcopal Church (CEC).

On September 24, Bill Mitchell, Lee Herbst and Dennis Darr attended the official rededication to the recently completed multi-phased Zion Lutheran Church project. The renovations and additions to the Zion Lutheran Church included site demolition of existing pavilions and covered walkways, facilitating the construction of a 16,634-square foot, two-story education building that included administrative offices and the finish out of an existing gazebo that is the center point of linking the new education building to the existing administrative building.



“During the course of our project the Mitchell team helped us find multiple ways to save money while still providing quality results, and for a church, that was a God send,” said Rev. Dr. David Schulte, Senior Pastor at Zion Lutheran.

Additionally, the 12,415-square foot sanctuary was completely renovated. New high-end ornate chancel and pipe chambers were constructed along with state of the art sound system to enhance the church’s new pipe organ. The project included the remodel of the sacristy, narthex, music rehearsal and balcony, and existing stained-glass windows were removed rebuilt and reinstalled.

On October 1, GWM broke ground on their latest faith-based project with Christ Episcopal Church in an improvements project that seeks to expand CEC outreach facilities and extend CEC’s beautiful campus further into the neighborhood. The improvements include a new multi-purpose building to be used by the CEC food pantry, restoration of a historic carriage house, addition of a porte-cochere, expansion of parking areas, connecting all of the new areas to the existing campus via covered walkways, and an overall transformation of the new property into a park-like setting.



What’s Trending?

Interested in construction news? Our What’s Trending section will keep you up to date.

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Staff Showcase

Each quarter we will showcase GWM staff work anniversaries, milestones, and birthdays.

Congratulations to the following employees for celebrating multiple years as part of our team. GWM is proud to have you as a member of the GWM family.

  • Miles Neubauer 3 years on October 6
  • Aurelio Torres 19 years on October 14
  • Richard Ramirez 10 years on October 22
  • Preston Hill 1 year on October 24
  • Henry Moncada 1 year on November 8
  • Jorge Ramirez 1 year on November 14
  • Ben Clark 2 years on November 16
  • Lance Long 2 years on November 16
  • Art M. Ramos 14 years on November 22
  • Mark Spielman 7 years on December 1
  • Jesse Soto 18 years on December 1
  • Gregg Dutra 5 years on December 30


Wishing a very happy birthday to:

  • Pablo Balderas on October 3
  • Mark Balencia October 4
  • Lane Mitchell on October 18
  • Amber Caro on October 28
  • Kristi D. Nuyttens on October 29
  • Henry Moncada on October 31
  • James Zimmerhanzel on November 3
  • Kim Williams on November 6
  • Aurelio M. Torres on November 11
  • Jose Rodriguez on November 30
  • Erin Clementson on December 1
  • Mike Neuner on December 2
  • Gregg Dutra on December 14


A big shout out to Ben Clark who was named the Employee of the Month two months for continually going above and beyond to get results. Thanks, Ben, for your outstanding work ethic and drive.

Coco’s Corner

Coco Mitchell, our company pup, has you covered with her various seasonal tips, treats, and other fun stuff. Since fall is in full effect, she wanted to share with you a quick and easy fall recipe that’s a healthy take on an old fall favorite, chili. Check out her Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili Recipe.



*Thanks to Susanna Kitayama for your photos of the Christ Episcopal Groundbreaking Ceremony.


“We’re Moving!!”

After six decades of residing in the Mirano Building at 2002 N. St. Mary’s Street, we are excited to announce that we are moving on up (literally) to bigger and better things. On December 1, 2017, will be relocating to our newly renovated offices in the 86TEN Building located at 8610 Broadway. M3We are thrilled about the move and can’t wait to see what amazing new opportunities this new chapter will bring. While we will certainly miss the Mirano Building, the memories of the fantastic projects that were developed, and the many great people who worked there over the years will be etched in our history forever.
Nottingham-Back-19-e1480542613527 (1)

U.S. Builders Review Case Study – Vista Corporate Center


Nottingham-Back-19-e1480542613527 (1)

G.W. Mitchell Construction has been a standout name in general contracting since 1921. Now in the hands of third and fourth generation family members, G.W. Mitchell has overcome many obstacles, surviving the Great Depression and growing through the 2008 recession while building a reputation for quality service. Serving greater San Antonio and South Texas, G.W. Mitchell has been involved in many notable landmarks and has completed numerous corporate, educational, health care, historic renovations, municipal, religious, residential and retail projects over its 95-year history.

A well-known name in San Antonio

After serving as an officer in World War I, George W. Mitchell established G.W. Mitchell General Contracting in San Antonio in 1921. He got his start building small family homes, but quickly moved up to larger custom homes and commercial projects. After World War II, G.W.’s three sons — George, Bob and Melvin — joined the company and the business incorporated as G. W. Mitchell & Sons Inc.

In the 2000s with G.W. long out of the picture, and Melvin the only active son in the business, the company began doing business as G.W. Mitchell Construction.

G.W. Mitchell made its mark on San Antonio, completing many iconic buildings and landmarks, including the Atkinson Residence, which is now known as the McNay Art Museum; many of the buildings at Trinity University (including Laurie Auditorium); multiple projects at the Alamo Cement Quarry and many other fine residential and commercial projects.

The second generation became known for La Villita Assembly Building; the South Texas Medical School (known today as the UT Health Science Center); the project of raising the roof on the original Hemisphere Arena and many other commercial and industrial projects.

The third generation’s more memorable projects include: the Clear Channel World Wide headquarters, Alamo Heights United Methodist new campus, Oak Hills Church new campus, and a unique basement excavation under a building on the Alamo grounds.

Full Article Here

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Remembering the past and shaping the future: Rehabarama

On May 13th, G. W. Mitchell had the pleasure of taking part in the first San Antonio Rehabarama hosted by the city’s Office of Historic Preservation. The Rehabarama was a one-day event in which volunteer community members and local contractors came together to restore an entire city block of aging homes in the historic Denver Heights neighborhood.image1

This event took place as part of the Office of Historic Preservation’s Preservation Month in May, an initiative aimed at celebrating “all things heritage in San Antonio”. In addition to preserving the historic diversity of the city’s architecture, the event helped to provide necessary repairs to moderate and low-income homeowners. The Denver Heights area, which thrived in the early 20th century, is one of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhoods. Despite strong community ties, the area has suffered a lack of significant investment of the years, and many of the homes have fallen into disrepair. With the help of hundreds of local volunteers, this year’s Rehabarama helped to bring new life to 18 aging Harding Place homes.

Rehabarama5Over the course of the day, volunteers and staff from G. W. Mitchell helped to repair windows, exposed joints, masonry and rotting portions of the wooden exterior on a local 1920’s-era home, followed by a new coat of paint. G. W. Mitchell’s crew included Art Ramos, Mark & Laura Balencia, Andy Mitchell, Lane Mitchell, and Angela Hines. These team members were joined by volunteers from AREA Real Estate led by David Adelman, David’s Daughter and several of her friends, Alex Childers from USAA Real Estate Company and Janis Ploetz (and Jim) with Urban Land Institute. Through their combined efforts, this team repaired, prepped and painted the entire exterior of the house and provided new attractive landscaping for the homeowners.

ORehabarama3ver 95 years of growth with the San Antonio community, G.W. Mitchell has had the opportunity to work on many of the city’s most memorable buildings. Participating in this event was a wonderful chance for the G.W. Mitchell family to both remember their roots and help in shaping the future of the city.

“Everyone had the satisfaction of making a difference through our volunteer work,” says Lane Mitchell, Vice President of the company and 3rd generation family member, “the homeowner was very pleased.”

G.W. Mitchell and friends look forward to many San Antonio Rehabaramas to come.



Mitchell In Motion: G.W. Mitchell Gives Back to Local Non-Profit in a Big Way

Recently, G.W. Mitchell Construction donated construction services to finish out the third floor of Crosspoint Inc. a local non-profit that provides residential facilities that aid in the rehabilitation of persons with emotional and psychological problems, The third-floor finish out increased boarding and service areas for people transitioning IMG_0437out of the penal system. The mission of this behavioral health diversion unit is to help make the local justice system more effective, efficient and meaningful by diverting offenders from jail to a place where they can get the mental health and addiction help they need in a community-based setting.

G.W. Mitchell showed their support for Crosspoint’s mission by providing their services at cost.

“It has been an honor to help this organization that serves some of the most vulnerable populations in San Antonio. Crosspoint does so many wonderful things, it was the least we could do for this fantastic organization,” said Bill Mitchell, President of GW Mitchell.

IMG_0436Crosspoint also houses and helps to rehabilitate a number of groups including domestic abuse survivors, veterans, and people suffering from addiction and severe mental illness.

“Since the beginning, G.W.Mitchell has not only accepted the challenge of building this behavioral health diversion unit. They have embraced mission behind it,” said Kevin Downey, CEO and President of Crosspoint Inc.

Want to know more about what G.W. Mitchell is up to around the community and its history? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Expanding the Family Tradition: G. W. Mitchell Welcomes Pella South Texas


SAN ANTONIO – Pella Products of South Texas is now known as Pella South Texas and under new ownership. Bill Mitchell, of G.W.Mitchell Construction, one of San Antonio’s oldest and most trusted construction companies has purchased the regional distributorship of Pella windows and doors.

“G.W. Mitchell has always worked hard to exceed industry standards,” says Bill Mitchell, president of the distributorship and grandson of Mitchell Construction founder George W. Mitchell. “We strive to build the best of the best for our clients, so it was a natural fit to align with Pella’s innovative and premium windows and doors.”

While Bill is the new CEO, Andy Mitchell is the CFO of the distributorship with their sights set on better serving the San Antonio region including offering Pella’s newest offering, the Architect Series Collection of contemporary and historical designs.

Both Pella Corporation and G.W. Mitchell are family-owned, dedicated to excellence and have been serving the San Antonio community since the 1920s; the two companies share more than an industry. While G. W. Mitchell was building now-famous local landmarks such as the McNay Art Museum and The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, Pella was refining the performance and craftsmanship that goes into each of its windows and doors. Together, they will now work to create beautiful, structurally superior spaces for families and businesses in South Texas.

“It’s exciting to see our skills come together, and we are all looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead,” says Will Mitchell, Bill Mitchell’s son and trade sales manager at Pella South Texas. With G. W. Mitchell and Pella’s shared values and combined expertise, company leaders are confident in their ability to go further for clients than ever before.

To learn more, visit

About G.W. Mitchell Construction: 

GWMitchellConst logo_DIGITAL USE_Hex 500000Founded in 1921, G.W. Mitchell Construction is a San Antonio fourth generation family owned and operated construction company with a legacy of experience in aspects of ground up construction, renovation and restoration. Our mission is to consistently provide quality project management and construction services that deliver maximum value for our clients. By doing so, it is our vision to become our client’s indispensable partner and create an atmosphere where teamwork, timeliness and integrity are the standard. For more information visit, call or email Erin Clementson at or 210-227-8127.

About Pella Corporation

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.57.35 PM

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Pella, Iowa, Pella Corporation designs and manufactures made-to-order and custom windows and doors and offers services for almost every type of home or building being constructed today. With 13 manufacturing locations within the United States, Pella Corporation also includes EFCO Corporation, a manufacturer of architectural windows, curtain walls, storefronts and entry systems designed for commercial construction needs; Grabill Windows & Doors Inc., designer and manufacturer of custom luxury windows and doors for elite properties; Reilly Windows & Doors, a premier manufacturer of discerning windows and doors for the most exacting builder and architect; and Duratherm Windows Corporation. Recently, Pella Corporation introduced the Pella Crafted Luxury collection of expanded design possibilities.

For more information, call 888-847-3552 or visit Follow Pella on FacebookYouTubeHouzzInstagram and Pinterest and Twitter @Pella News.

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95 Years Young

SAN ANTONIO – It is hard to find something that is still around after 95 years, whether it be a business, a building or a person. However, G.W. Mitchell Construction gets to reflect on its success and its journey as it celebrated its 95th anniversary in December.


Best Of

US Builders Review Releases Annual “Best of the United States” 2016 Special Edition

US Builders Review has released its annual “Best of the United States” 2016 special edition, featuring more than 60 of the nation’s top construction companies.

Since 2013, US Builders Review, a leading construction trade journal, has recognized construction and building companies from across the country for their industry contributions, commitment to employees and forward thinking through the annual Best of the United States awards.