Mitchell In Motion Quarterly – January 2018

Bill’s Blueprint

Hello, Mitchell in Motion Readers,

I must say, 2018 has started with a bang! We have settled into our new space and couldn’t be happier with the new location. I’d like to thank the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce for helping us celebrate our new space and partnership with VIP Staffing and Peloton Commercial Real Estate during a ribbon cutting on January 18th.

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This year is going to be one full of productivity, growth, lots of exciting projects, and many happy clients. 2018 is set to be one of the best ever for G.W. Mitchell, and we couldn’t be more excited for what this new year will bring. Check out our new space here!

Bill Mitchell

Breaking Ground in South Texas

On January 18, we ceremoniously broke ground on the Rio Bank headquarters project in McAllen, TX. The 9.5-acre site will house a six-story Class A office building designed by RVK Architects, Alpha Consulting Engineers, DBR Engineering Consultants, and Spoor Engineering Consultants. The building will include more than 125,000 square feet of corporate office space with Rio Bank occupying the majority and the remaining space will be for lease by Peloton Commercial Real Estate


GW Mitchell’s Sr. Project Manager, Angela Hines, and Superintendent Gregg Dutra attended the groundbreaking celebration.  The building will consist of an auger cast piled foundation, structural steel frame, brick and EIFS façade, standing seam metal roofing with areas of flat roofing, four elevators, outdoor courtyard space, surface parking, and high-end lobby and core finishes.


Community Conscious

Volunteerism is a main priority at GWM and we’ve been up to great things.  Check out what our amazing team members have been up to over the holidays.

Lane Mitchell was part of the Volunteer Choir for Barbara Dan Butt’s funeral in December and participated in the Feast of Sharing with the Rotary Club. He also hosted an Aggie watch party with the San Antonio A&M Club at the Palladium. Gig ‘em!

Preston Hill has been busy as well. He and his wife, Stephanie, are Young Life leaders at the Trinity University. They regularly mentor on campus as well as hold Bible Studies regularly. Not only have they been busy volunteering, they welcomed a baby boy, Chambers Bailey Hill, on January 6th. While school was out of session, Preston also helped out at Daily Bread Ministries packing snacks for low-income students. He didn’t stop there. He along with his brothers also played Christmas music for inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution in Three Rivers during the holidays.


Superintendent, Jesse Soto, made volunteering for the Children’s Shelter before Christmas a family affair. They requested help moving Christmas presents down from their 2nd story storeroom as they have no elevator. Jesse along with his two brothers, Andy and Willie, and his daughter, Aniya, showed up ready to work and got everything downstairs so they could prepare for the holiday.

Angela Hines’ NAWIC “Block Kids” was a huge success, with approximately 30 kids that participated in the event. The kids put their creativity into action and had some impressive projects built entirely from Legos. The winner’s projects ranged from the winning homeless shelter to a church-restaurant and a dream home.

Lance Long plans to volunteer at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!


Construction Zone:

Demo has started on our special project, PIE Society, located on Houston Street next to The Palm across from The Majestic Theater. Due to this historical nature of the building, architect, m(ødm), turned to our Special Projects Division which focuses on clients and projects needing special attention such as adaptive reuse, historical renovation, upgrades or renovations of an existing facility, or tenant improvement work in new or existing buildings.


Special concerns of this project include maintaining the building’s historical significance and charm and the issues that arise due to being flanked on both sides by upscale restaurants in a high traffic area. Minimizing disruption to those businesses during construction is a major factor in the planning of GWM’s special construction efforts.  As is with most older buildings located in historic downtown San Antonio, a primary concern will be bringing systems up to current codes, ensuring that the building systems meet the standards of Grey Street Partners for future operations of the building.

The space will be split into two functions, pizza kitchen and bar, which work together conceptually through material and form.  The pizza-kitchen will be visually open and well-lit using lighter material colors, as the experience of “making pizza” is transparent and expressed to all patrons. The bar will have a more subdued presence with darker colors, wood accents, and an undulating ceiling.

Construction is slated to begin soon.

What’s Trending



Staff Showcase

G.W. Mitchell wants to congratulate Preston Hill and his wife, Stephanie, for welcoming a baby boy, Chambers Bailey Hill, on January 6, 2018!

Congratulations to the following employees for celebrating multiple years as part of our team. GWM is proud to have you as a member of the GWM family.

  • Angela Hines – 3 years on February 9
  • Patrick Southern – 10 years on March 3
  • Kevin Beadle – 2 years on March 7

  • Sarah Soto – 3 years on March 16
  • Pablo Balderas – 4 years on March 24
  • Jessica White – 3 years on March 30

Wishing a very happy birthday to:

  • Luciano Hernandez – on January 7
  • Lance Long – on January 7
  • Lee Trevino – February 7

  • Daniel Garcia – February 27
  • Ariel de Luna – March 10
  • Jesse Soto – on March 31

Jessie-HeadshotLastly, congratulations to Jesse Soto, our January Employee of the Month. Considered a tremendous asset to GWM, Jesse consistently demonstrates a high quality of work and commitment in carrying out responsibilities.  He has demonstrated a willingness to take initiative beyond regular project assignments and has exhibited a positive and supportive attitude. Thank you, Jesse, for all you do!


Coco’s Corner
Happy New Year everyone. I hope that your year is off to a great start and you’re tackling those new year’s resolutions and succeeding. If not, no worries, Coco to the rescue. Here’s some advice to keep you on track to meet and potentially exceed your goals.

  1. Set realistic goals – there is no sense in setting goals that aren’t realistic. When you don’t meet them then you feel like a failure. Set a goal that is obtainable and not too far-fetched, that way you actually have a chance at reaching your goals. Who knows you might even exceed them and surprise yourself
  2. Have a plan – rarely do people succeed at things without a plan. Clearly map out how you will achieve your goals so you have a clear picture of what it will take to succeed. Make a daily checklist and mark tasks off regularly. This will allow you to see your progress and assess how well you’re doing, and adjust as necessary.
  3. Don’t get discouraged – creating change takes time and falling short happens. Just pick yourself back up, regroup and remember each new dawn brings a new day. Remember, it only takes two weeks to create a routine, and routines become habits, which is what you are trying to achieve.

Good luck!

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