Lifting San Antonio Construction to New Heights


Another milestone for G.W. Mitchell Construction, as well as San Antonio, occurred in 1962 when the M&S Tower was built. This 108,000 square foot, eight story medical building was constructed for the Baptist Memorial Hospital System. The building was innovatively designed by Bartlett Cocke & Associates and contracted to be built for $1.7 million.

M&S Tower was one of many multi-story construction projects taking place during this time of growth in the city. However, what makes this project unique is that it was the first construction site in San Antonio to make use of a tower crane. Since locally no one had knowledge of, or experience in, tower cranes, the Mitchell team traveled to Houston to get advice and training from a contractor in that area. The experience proved to be invaluable to G.W. Mitchell Construction, enhancing their techniques and taking their construction capabilities to an unprecedented level. The project was successfully completed in October of 1963 and thus, Mitchell ushered in a new era of tower crane construction in San Antonio.

Tower cranes are now a common site around our thriving city and have become an integral part of the construction process, giving the best combination of height and lifting capacity for construction of tall buildings. To this day, the Mitchell team continues to make use of the tower crane on many of their job sites around the city. Thanks to their innovative approach and performance, G.W. Mitchell Construction pioneered the tower crane technique for the city and helped revolutionize San Antonio’s construction industry for years to come.

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