Mitchell In Motion April 2020

Bill’s Blueprint

Normally at this time of year, we would have just wrapped up Fiesta. However, this year is undoubtedly unique and hopefully, a one-time occurrence. In these uncertain times, I am very proud of all of the G.W. Mitchell Construction employees and all other “essential” workers who are out there every day, continuing to make things happen.

Our job sites are adapting to the almost daily changes in requirements from our federal, state and local governments and projects are moving forward. While I fully expect to have some slowdowns and other ramifications from COVID-19, I do not anticipate any major repercussions.

First and foremost, we are working to make all of our job sites safe for our employees, our subcontractor partners and our clients. We are following all governmental guidelines and in addition, have our Safety Director working daily with our superintendents to maintain safe job sites.

Now what the future brings…my crystal ball tells me that there will be some fallout and delays of upcoming projects due to the pandemic. However, G.W. Mitchell Construction is in a good position with a strong backlog and outstanding clients that will get us through whatever comes from the current situation.

My son gave me this analogy, and I think it is very appropriate for today:

“Being a buffalo is about storms. Why a buffalo? When storms come, cows look up, see it and run away from it. They bolt away from the storm as fast as they can. But there is a problem with that. The storm catches up to the cows and they end up running with the storm, prolonging the time it takes for the storm to pass. When buffalos see a storm coming, they charge directly into the storm. It is the same storm the cows see, but they react differently. By running directly into the storm, the buffalos minimize the storm’s impact and break through on the other side faster!”

We are definitely in a storm today. My challenge and encouragement to you is how can you (and all of us) be a buffalo today? How can we run toward the storm and come out on the other side faster? How can we get better during all of this than just returning to normal? We shouldn’t return to normal. Things shouldn’t be the same after this. The question now is, how will we be different; how will we be better?

Bill Mitchell


Construction Zone: The Park at Vance Jackson 


Our new construction team recently completed The Park at Vance Jackson, a 60,000 square foot, multi-unit office park, conveniently located on Vance Jackson and West Loop 1604. Can you say location, location, location?! The northwest property consists of two 30,000 square foot, single-story buildings with ample parking, multiple access points and is close to tons of amenities. Interested in this property? Transwestern is ready to lease. Contact Russell T. Noll at or call 210-253-2945 for more information.

Community Conscious: Team Mitchell Food Drive
Giving back to the community is always important to Team Mitchell, especially during these unique times. Currently, many local residents find themselves unemployed, making it difficult to feed their families. The San Antonio Food Bank has done an amazing job feeding thousands in the blink of an eye. To show our support of the SA Food Bank and help our fellow San Antonians, we will be taking food donations at our office located at 8610 Broadway on May 4th and 5th from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. All you have to do is drive to the covered parking lot on the backside of the building, and drop your non-perishable food items in one of the bins located near the entrance. We will handle the rest.

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