Alamo Sales Museum:

A unique renovation and enlargement of the basement of the Alamo Sales Museum on the grounds of the historic Alamo. The Daughters of the Republic commissioned G.W. Mitchell Construction to excavate and create an 8,000 square foot basement below the 60-year old Sales Museum on the sacred grounds of the Shrine of Texas Liberty.  Additionally, a tunnel was dug out beneath the grounds of the Alamo to connect the new basement storage area to vendor access on Houston Street.  While remaining open to the public during construction, this project called for several other unusual factors that had to be considered and accommodated,for such a highly sensitive and historic sight.  Archeologists remained on-site throughout the duration of construction to monitor any historical artifacts that were uncovered during excavation.  With no staging area available for construction materials, they had to be moved directly to and from Houston Street as needed.  Consequently, to attain access to Houston Street, Mitchell was forced to cautiously dismantle part of the existing historical north wall, numbering each individual stone so that they were then able to rebuild the wall and ensure that each stone was put back in its original place at the conclusion of the project. This project won both Local and State AGC Outstanding Construction Awards. Design by Robert Morris.

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