Historic Renovation

In keeping with its own tradition of being the oldest general building contractor in South Texas and having such a rich history of building San Antonio landmarks for over 100 years, G.W. Mitchell is in a unique position to provide expert construction services in connection with historical projects.  As such, it is with extreme care and craftsmanship that Mitchell undertakes any project that has historical significance. 

Some examples of these historical projects include the highly sensitive work that was undertaken to create an underground basement space beneath the Alamo Sales Museum, on the grounds of the Shrine of Texas Liberty; the challenging renovation and restoration of the historic San Antonio Riverwalk completed in conjunction with the Crockett Street re-development project; as well as the delicate craftsmanship that was employed during the total restoration and urban renewal project of the historic Heimann Building located at the old Cattleman’s Square in San Antonio. With their rich knowledge and expertise of these specialized projects, it is no wonder that Mitchell has completed over 270,000 square feet of historical renovation work with a value of over 40 million.