construction demoG.W. Mitchell’s preconstruction approach ensures all costs remain within the scope of work approved for the construction program.  During the Preconstruction phase, G.W. Mitchell will work with the owner and the team to flow from Preconstruction to Construction with the following:

  • Coordinating with the owner and design team to obtain information about the project; define project parameters, confirm the project logistics, budget and controls and determining the information and communication needs.
  • Cost control beginning with the budget process and the collective input of all professionals on the project team.
  • Receive market and construction input from qualified trades which best fit the type and scope of work for cost control.
  • Utilize historical data based on the construction systems, construction types, materials and methods of installation.
  • Set-up and attend regular meeting with the Owner and Design Team to advise on the budget, and update of the preconstruction and construction schedule, potential irregularities in the design developments, providing planning options, program evaluations, site reviews, code compliance, design standards and guidelines, selection of project participants, selection of materials, building systems and equipment, and public relations.
  • Make recommendations about the construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to costs, including alternative designs, materials and budgets.
  • Assist the Owner and the Design Team in evaluating site access, traffic patterns, construction staging, project/construction sequencing, and other site related issues.
  • Update and revise the estimates as needed and advise the Owner of variations to the construction budget.