Remembering the past and shaping the future: Rehabarama

On May 13th, G. W. Mitchell had the pleasure of taking part in the first San Antonio Rehabarama hosted by the city’s Office of Historic Preservation. The Rehabarama was a one-day event in which volunteer community members and local contractors came together to restore an entire city block of aging homes in the historic Denver Heights neighborhood.image1

This event took place as part of the Office of Historic Preservation’s Preservation Month in May, an initiative aimed at celebrating “all things heritage in San Antonio”. In addition to preserving the historic diversity of the city’s architecture, the event helped to provide necessary repairs to moderate and low-income homeowners. The Denver Heights area, which thrived in the early 20th century, is one of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhoods. Despite strong community ties, the area has suffered a lack of significant investment of the years, and many of the homes have fallen into disrepair. With the help of hundreds of local volunteers, this year’s Rehabarama helped to bring new life to 18 aging Harding Place homes.

Rehabarama5Over the course of the day, volunteers and staff from G. W. Mitchell helped to repair windows, exposed joints, masonry and rotting portions of the wooden exterior on a local 1920’s-era home, followed by a new coat of paint. G. W. Mitchell’s crew included Art Ramos, Mark & Laura Balencia, Andy Mitchell, Lane Mitchell, and Angela Hines. These team members were joined by volunteers from AREA Real Estate led by David Adelman, David’s Daughter and several of her friends, Alex Childers from USAA Real Estate Company and Janis Ploetz (and Jim) with Urban Land Institute. Through their combined efforts, this team repaired, prepped and painted the entire exterior of the house and provided new attractive landscaping for the homeowners.

ORehabarama3ver 95 years of growth with the San Antonio community, G.W. Mitchell has had the opportunity to work on many of the city’s most memorable buildings. Participating in this event was a wonderful chance for the G.W. Mitchell family to both remember their roots and help in shaping the future of the city.

“Everyone had the satisfaction of making a difference through our volunteer work,” says Lane Mitchell, Vice President of the company and 3rd generation family member, “the homeowner was very pleased.”

G.W. Mitchell and friends look forward to many San Antonio Rehabaramas to come.


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